(Regd. No. 19767 of 1994-95 under Society Registration Act XXI of 1860)
Regional Medical Research Center, Bhubaneswar -751023, Orissa, India

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MEMORANDUM DATE : 26/ 12 / 1994

1. Name of the Society : National Academy of Vector Borne Diseases

2. Location of Registered office of the society : Regional Medical Research center, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar-751023, Dist - Khurda

3. Aims & objectives :

a) To advance and promote the knowledge on vectors and vector borne diseases.
b) To encourage the scientists and members of the Academy doing research work on vectors and vector borne diseases and assist them as and when possible.
c) To foster fraternity among the members of the Academy so that every member can help each other in all possible way.
d) To hold national and international symposia / seminars/ conferences/ meetings / workshops at suitable places as and when feasible.
e) To publish such proceedings/ journals / bulletins/ news letters / transactions and such of the publications as may be considered desirable and feasible.
f) To encourage creation of awareness on vectors and vector borne diseases (popularizations).


1. Name of the Society

The name of the Society shall be ‘National Academy of Vector Borne Diseases’ hereafter called as the Academy.

2. Location of the registered office of the Society

Regional Medical Research center, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar-751023, Dist – Khurda

3. Executive Committee

There shall be an Executive Committee (E.C.) of the Academy for carrying out the Administration of the Academy. All important issues shall be referred to the E.C. & its decision is final.

The E.C. shall consist of the following office bearers President, Vice-president, Secretary General, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and five members. After the registration, one nominee each from the Zoological Society of India, National Environmental Science Academy and any such scientific society as decided by the E.C. will be invited to the E.C. More than 50% of the members shall constitute the quorum.

There shall be statutory meeting of the E.C. in each year. Notices of such meetings shall be at least a fortnight before the date of meeting. Emergency meeting may be conveyed by the E.C. at the instance of the President / Secretary General giving a week notice. The method of election is to be decided by the E.C. The terms of all office bearers are of 3 years from the date of publication of election results. Any member of the office bearer can be removed by the E.C. by two third majority.

Any addition, alteration, amendment & deletion shall be made at the meeting of the E.C. by not less than two third of the members.

4. General Body

All members including E.C. members will be part of the General Body. The office bearers of the E.C. shall be elected by the General Body. More than 50% of the members shall constitute the quorum. Meetings of the General Body will be convened by the President / Secretary General with 15 days notice before the date of the meeting. General issues will be discussed in the General body.

5. Membership

There will be different types of memberships viz. Annual members, Life members, Institutional members, Patrons and Student members.

Individuals / Institutions interested in Vectors and Vector Borne Diseases and related disciplines may become a member / life member / patrons / institutional members.

The subscription for the membership shall be as follows to start with subject to revision from time to time by the Executive Council. After the first year, the membership fees be revised.

Life Membership - Rs. 1000/-
Annual Membership - Rs. 200/- per year
Student Membership - Rs. 100/- per year
Institutional Membership - Rs. 10,000/-
Patron - Rs. 20,000/-

(Members of the starting years shall have the status of founder members).

Any individual who has made significant contributions to some phase of Vectors and Vector Borne Diseases or to the Academy shall be eligible for honourary membership by the E.C.

The terms of membership shall ordinarily be of one financial year, except in the case of Life members, fellows, patrons and honourary members, who remain members through out their lives.

6. Functions of Office Bearers

To preside the meetings of the Academy i.e. General Body, the Executive Committee and such other committees as and when needed and to regulate the proceedings of such meetings.

In absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside over the meetings. If the Presidency becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall become President for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Secretary General
To guide day to day activities and shall be custodian of all the assets of the Academy.
To exercise supervision on all functions of the Academy on all such matters as decided in the E.C.
Shall be the drawing and disbursing officer of the Academy. He/She can sanction expenditure upto Rs.2000/- at a time. Expenditure exceeding Rs.5000/- at a time should have the approval of E.C.

Joint Secretary
To assist the Secretary General in all aspects. If the office of the secretary becomes vacant, the Joint Secretary shall become the Secretary General for the unexpired term.

To keep records of all the finances and other assets of the Academy. He will operate the Bank Account together with the Joint Secretary and Secretary General. If the office of the Treasurer becomes vacant, the E.C. shall decide as to who amongst the elected officers shall become treasurer for the remainder of the unexpired term.
To keep accounts of such receipts and disbursements.
To keep all the records regarding finances & other assets carefully and to be the custodian of the finances and other assets. To submit the financial statements to the E.C.
To disburse amount not exceeding Rs.2000/- under the order of the Secretary General. If the situation demands the Secretary General, Joint Secretary and the Treasurer can combinely sanction the expenditure beyond Rs.5000/- at a time will not be required.

7. Audit

The accounts of the Society shall be audited by a qualified auditor or Govt. auditor annually.

8. Dissolution

The Society may be dissolved by 3/5th of the members. Upon dissolution of the Society, its assets will be handed over to a similar registered society or the Government after clearing of all its debt and liabilities.

9. Legal Action

The Secretary may sue or be sued on behalf of the Society for movable and immovable properties.

10. Certified that there is no other registered society in the same name at the same place.



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